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Scully says:
"There's a reason Clark Vet never closed their doors during COVID:

They have followed a strict policy of mask wearing, and limiting how many people are in their facility at any given point."


Until Further Notice

* All who enter our facility are REQUIRED to wear a mask. We have had this policy since the beginning of COVID, and have had this message posted outside our building since the start. MASKS ARE REQUIRED NO MATTER YOUR VACCINATION STATUS, AND MUST BE ON THROUGHOUT YOUR STAY IN THE FACILITY.

* You MUST CALL 860.434.1763 FIRST to let us know you are here for your appointment, or to pick up ANY products, drop off any samples, or make any payments. No one is allowed to just walk into the facility without first getting the go-ahead from a staff member.

* If you have forgotten your cell phone, or do not have one, you MUST KNOCK FIRST and WAIT until a staff member lets you in.

Please remember: we are a one veterinarian office. Should Dr. Clark get sick, or multiple members of our staff, we won't be able to be here to serve our clients.

All of us at Clark Veterinary Hospital want to thank everyone who has been understanding of these policies, and have been following them since the start. We very much appreciate your assistance in keeping the staff safe and healthy!


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