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Yearly Exams, Fecal Tests & Urinalysis

Why are yearly exams so important? Just like us, your pet's health is important, too. Sometimes it's only when they're really in trouble that they can tell you something isn't right, and sometimes that's too late. Yearly exams not only help us monitor your pet's health, but it's a great time to talk to Dr. Clark about any questions you might have about your pet's diet, behavior changes and more. Did you know that it's important to get your pet's stool examined even when you don't think your pet is ill? Regular fecal exams help us to know if there's an issue that needs to be addressed before it becomes a bigger issue.

You should always bring a small sample of your pet's stool for their yearly exam. The sample shouldn't be older than 12-24 hours old, so no need to make your pet poop immediately! If you're bringing in a doggie sample, bring a ziploc baggie or other container when you bring your pet out.

And remember, you only need a 2 inch sample of either dog or cat poo. No need to have to collect it all!

Please click on these links for more information on yearly exams and fecal tests.

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